Benefit Value Advisor

Nobody buys a new car without test-driving or researching its cost. Why not do the same before accessing the health care system. Afterall, we only have one life and one body.
The Benefits Value Advisor helps with this by providing a higher level of customer service. It focuses on assisting with health care decision-making, improving quality care outcomes and reducing out-of-pocket costs for the Member. It is accessed for free simply by calling the BlueCross Customer Service phone number on the BlueCross Member ID Card.
Benefit Value Advisor Services
Convenient Single Source Customer Service
Expert Level Customer Service Agents
Assistance & Support for Procedures, Medical Conditions or Claims
Locatating In-Network Providers Offering Cost Transparancy & Proven Quality Care Outcomes
Appointment Scheduling & Procedure Per-Certification
Provider Cost Comparisons
Guidance & Knowledge of Available Benefits
Connection to Condition Specific Clinical Staff
Chronic Condition Management Program Enrollment