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Cash Rewards for Members
Included with the Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze Health Plans

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Members could earn cash with Member Rewards just for having a healthcare procedure

Rewards Range from $25 to $500

Members can shop and compare costs for over 1,600 health care procedures. Just like shopping for new tires for your car or a new computer, doing a little comparison shopping can really pay off.

The price of health care services can differ by hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars based on where you get them. And higher cost does not always mean better quality. By choosing a cost-effective option for your care, not only can you save money on your out-of-pocket costs, but you may earn a cash Member Reward.

How it Works
There are no forms to fill out – it’s easy.
Just follow these steps when a doctor suggests a medical procedure or service:

1. Log into Blue Access for Members at or call 800.672.2567
2. Click the Doctors and Hospitals tab – then Find a Doctor or Hospital
3. Search to compare choices and select a reward eligible location
4. Have the procedure or service at the reward eligible location chosen
5. Once the claim is paid, the member receives a check in the mail