The Board

 》About the Board
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About the Board
 》The OPEH&W Health Plan is controlled by a Board of Trustees
 》Comprising a representative for each participating employer group
 》There is an executive voting board of 15 individuals
 》The Board meets a minimum of 4 times a year under the Open Meeting Act
 》The Board is responsible for:
   》Setting premium rates & benefits
   》Making financial decisions
   》Entering into contracts with vendors
   》Approving new groups
 》Day-to-day operations are performed by the Plan Administrator

   》Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma (ACCO)
   》429 NE 50th, Oklahoma City, OK
   》Google MapsLink
   》16 January, 2020
   》16 April, 2020 Cancelled
   》20 August, 2020
   》15 October, 2020
   》Available 7-days before each meeting
   》Board Materials Archive