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Dental Coverage

   BlueCross & BlueShield of Oklahoma
   Network: DNoA Preferred
   Customer Service: 800 313 5162
   $2,500 per individual, per plan year
   Once reached, Member is responsible for 100% of dental claims for the remainder of the plan year
   $25 per individual, per plan year
   Free, twice per plan year
   Not subject to Deductible
   For Cleaning, Polishing, Bite-Wing X-Rays & Prophylaxis
   15% Co-Insurance after Deductible
   For Fillings, Simple Extractions, Surgical Removal of Teeth & Root Canals
   40% Co-Insurance after Deductible
   For Crowns, Full or Partial Dentures, Bridge Repairs & Occlusal Guards
   50% Co-Insurance
   Not Subject to Deductible
   For Dependent Children up to Age 26 Only
   $1,500 Lifetime Maximum
Current & Former Employee Coverage & Rates for the 2023/24 Plan Year, effective 7/1/2023 through 6/30/2024.
   45.36    Member
   23.96    Child
   38.10    Children
   56.02    Spouse
   79.98    Spouse & Child
   94.12    Spouse & Children