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Free Asthma & COPD Program
from Propeller

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Take Charge
        Doctor-Recommended, Clinically Proven, & Cleared by the FDA
        Gain Real Insights of Triggers
        Reduce the Hassle of Managing Asthma or COPD
        Improves Quality of Life
        Shares Information with Family & Care Team

        Attach to Existing Inhalers
        Track Where, When, & How Often Medication is Used
        Communicates with Phone App
        Works with Over 90% of Inhaled Medications

        Learns Breathing Patterns, Flare-Ups & Medication Use
        Helps Manage Symptoms & Identify Triggers
        79% Fewer Asthma Attacks
        50% More Doses Taken On-Schedule
        50% More Symptom-Free Days

        Reports which Aid Better Understanding of Asthma or COPD
        Reports which Aid Physicians in Treatment Plan Adjustments

Outcomes - Asthma
        58% Higher Adherence
        18% Reduction in Rescue Inhaler Use
        13% More SABA-Free Days
        72% Users Achieved Asthma Control
        57% Reduction in ER Visits & Hospitalizations

Outcomes - COPD
        36% Absolute Improvement in Rescue Inhaler- Free Days
        63% Reduction in Mean Rescue Inhaler Puffs Per Day
        73% Reduction in Nighttime Rescue Inhaler Use
        35% Reduction in COPD-Related Healthcare Utilization

        93% Reporting Satisfaction
        90% Reporting Usefulness
        84% High Satisfaction with Inhaler Sensor Device & Monitoring